The abrupt end of the ski season & my thoughts regarding the current situation #flattenthecurve

No I do not want to be pitied in this article that we had to break off our long awaited skiing holiday. That I could wave down the slopes three days less. I know that there is one serious topic right now. For me as a “small” private person this holiday “damage” was clearly smaller than the one which affected the whole tourism. Meanwhile the corona virus was already spreading wildly in Italy. We had completely underestimated that it could also spread so quickly in Austria, which had been stable until then.

I would like to continue sharing nice impressions with you here on the blog. Fortunately, we still had a few nice days. The holiday was incredibly good – skiing on empty slopes, taking a sauna alone in the spa and a lot of time for two in the hotel room. On the other hand, the whole thing had a bad taste. Waking up every morning with bad news, as well as during the day. We didn’t think that the situation would change so quickly. After the virus started to spread in Tyrol after our arrival, it was clear that Austria would soon close its borders. Then the not awaited messages reached us – Austria was going to close all ski resorts until Sunday and with Monday the last day of return for all tourists. One thing was clear – our and other people’s health comes first!

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Colmar skioutfit ski |

We breathed in the fresh mountain air one last time. Enjoyed the last day of skiing on empty slopes with the locals. Here are a few impressions from Saalbach. I would like to continue to share some nice impressions with you here.

Since our return we both are sitting in the home office. My boyfriend’s company had already reacted last week and sent all employees to the home office. Fortunately, my office made everything possible over the weekend in order we could work from home. In the architectural field this is definitely harder. Personal contact and meetings make working, decisions, developing ideas easier in our industry. But I’m sure we’ll handle the situation.

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My family and friends at home in South Tyrol are already in complete lock-down. The situation is much worse there, as you know. At the moment it just makes me sad not to know when I can hold my loved ones in my arms again. Yes, video calls are nice, but it’s not the same. Who knows how long it will take for us to move freely in Europe again… I stay positive!

One of the things that makes me feel positive is the power of social media. Well-known influencers have managed to carry out successful fundraising campaigns for Italian hospitals. People offer their help to people in the risk group. For each other is now more important than ever!


#flattenthecurve – be so smart and stay at home! Avoid social contacts offline and maintain them online!

I consider myself lucky that my environment is healthy. Although my grandparents belong to the risk group, they stay at home and avoid social contacts. However, there are many people whose family members or acquaintances already suffer from illnesses and cannot be cared for by you at the moment. There are also many professionals who are currently unable to stay at home and look after their children. There are plenty of services online where you can offer or search for help near you.

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You have a nice evening.
Pay attention to hygiene & stay healthy!