Long time no see … AGAIN!

Slowly it annoys me to begin every blog post with “long time no see”. Although my favorite blogger baby is very grown up after 11 years now it still doesn’t publish on its own. Whereas years ago I’d put a lot of pressure onto myself when I didn’t post for weeks, this has totally changed. And guess what, funnily enough today is another one of those days where I greet you again with “long time no see“. One more time or maybe the last time. I’ve just realized that it’s Friday today, which usually would have been a restaurant recommendation. But better a new look than no post!

Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse
Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse

THOUGHTS on how to proceed here….

The last few days I reminisced a lot in these old post entries and reflected on how to continue here. More importantly, how to get my energy back on here! I was triggered by the blog relaunch of some “OG Blogger” (yes apparently that’s how our blogger generation is called), who miss their own platform and relaunched their blogs. Fed up with Instagram pressure with its algorithms and the desire for more freedom in posting. I think it would be nice to see our platforms come more to the fore again. Back to more personal content and not photo productions not according to the requirements of Instagram with hideous filters. Taking more time to write articles again instead of scrolling for inspiration on Instagram in the same amount of time.

However, my motivation has been like a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has had an additional negative effect on this. Luckily, you’ve never seen the crash of the roller coaster here. Last year e.g., I tried to take the on-ramp very often. Content was shot and then saved in drafts since then and never published. I still have at least 20 articles in the drafts where merely the text still needs to be published. I’m just currently lacking in inspiration. Also, I am someone who needs a little push from others every now and then. Another “problem” is also that I no longer have my independent daily routine like I used to. Consequently, my “inspiration time” is also no longer flexible. Especially when it comes to writing texts I can’t just switch on that inspiration. Same for the photo ideas.

On top of that, Corona and its restrictions restricted my favorite topics – food & travel. Traveling is not recommended. Restaurants are still closed. Yes, I could have done posts about restaurants and their pick-up meals or home deliveries. But honestly, my articles include not only the food, but also the ambiance and design in the restaurant. On the other hand, I’ve also been taking advantage of the pandemic to become a chef in my own kitchen, which I really enjoyed instead of ordering food. I promise once all of this is over you’ll get a lot more restaurant recommendations here.

Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse

more secondhand shopping!

Enough the complaints – let’s talk about todays look! Despite the fact that I currently have no special occasions to wear my Spring/Summer wardrobe I had the need to completely change my wardrobe. I’ve enjoyed shopping a lot second hand shopping. On the one hand, I’m a big fan of the circular economy, and besides, you really save a lot of money. A new pair of Guess jeans for only 25€ in perfect condition, a few blouses for everyday wear for 10-20€. A very nice find was also this Hallhuber coat. At the time only borrowed for the shooting, I have now re-bought instead of the original price of 130€ (!!!) for a measly 25€. The next step is now just to put my parts online and get rid of my packed wardrobe.

In this look I wear my new blouse from Edited to the Flared Pant and sweet little bag from Inyati. Completely in Berlin or Corona style combined with white sneakers from Noname (my absolute favorite sneaker brand!!). But the look can also be combined just as well with pumps.

Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse
Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse

Edited blouse (second hand via girls flea market).
Colorful Rebel Noa Flare Pants here
Inyati bag here

Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse
Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse
Flare Pants Style Inspiration Edited Blouse

Before I write you too much now, I’ll save a little more for the next posts. And they will be coming really soon.

Happy Friday & have a wonderful weekend!

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