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1 glass couchtable (get it here)
2 light gold couch table with glass (get it here)
3 rosé gold standing lamp (get it here)
4 pillow (get it here)
5 pillows (get them here)
6 copper vase (get it here)
7 vase set (get it here)
8 vase (get it here)

*photocredits via the shops mentioned above

Interior-cravings. Right now everything in my head is about interior and lovely stuff for our flat. Moreover, I talk about kitchen stuff and classic housewife items to my friends. I’m getting old!But I love spending time on interior pages right now such as Westwing, Depot, H&M Home, Interior and Hoeffner. Let’s focus on the living room today!

  • Coffee table. I am constantly looking for a lovely (not too huge) coffee table that would suit with my beige carpet and the navy blue & white furniture. I opt for either a glass table, which is light and doesn’t stand out or the complete oppiste, e.g. a wooden table. number 1 / number 2
  • Standing lamp. I absolutely love this rosé gold standing lamp and thinking of a little DIY with my old lamp. number 3
  • Sofa pillows. who doesn’t love a cozy area, the more colorful the better. I think some red / Marrocain pattern cuscions would go really well with our Sofa. number 4 / number 5
  • Vases. You can never have enough and I love when they come in different styles. Flowers make your day brighter! number 6 / number 7 / number 8

What is still missing:

  • living room: big carpet, coffee table, decoration, sofa cuscion, furs for the chairs
  • bedroom: wardrobe, matress, bed, nightstands, lamps
  • bathroom: laundry baskets, lightning, storage boxes
  • kitchen: shelves, lightning, spice rack
  • entry: chest of drawers, hanging rack, lamps

Wish you a wonderful day!

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