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Some of you are certainly still in store for a wisdom tooth operation. If you are lucky, you may keep your wisdom teeth or they have already been extracted. In the beginning, I thought a wisdom tooth operation would be harmless and I would easily cope with it. But in the end, it was a more important intervention than I had expected. Here more about it.

weisheitszahn op münchen

Actually, it was not absolutely necessary to have my wisdom teeth immediately removed. However, I wanted to avoid a painful inflammation and decided to have them extracted before summer. Many orthodontists do not extract wisdom teeth in the summer, unless it is an urgent case. I got my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. med. dent. Andreas Detsch at Dr. Dannemann‘s Dental clinic.

At my first appointment, Dr. Detsch informed me in detail about the operation, its possible complications and potential aftereffects. My teeth were well positioned and had already penetrated, so the intervention should not last long. The following Monday, I was operated at about lunchtime. When the time for the intervention arrived, I was more nervous than expected and I trembled. The anesthetic shot is supposedly the most painful one. I got a preliminary anesthesia, thanks to which I scarcely felt the actual shot. Ultimately, all four wisdom teeth were operated within thirty minutes. It is a matter of taste, whether you wish or not to notice everything. The studio offers also a kind of general anesthesia, which I refused. Thus, I could feel the pressure and could follow what instruments were used for the operation. But don’t worry, it is not as bad as that. In the end, my wounds were sewn and I could go home. A subsequent check the next day and a week later the filaments were extracted. The healing would take up to six weeks.

weisheitszahn op münchen weisheitszahn op münchen weisheitszahn op münchen weisheitszahn op münchen

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Cost of wisdom tooth operation

In case of local anesthesia, the cost is borne by the insurance company in Germany, whereas general anesthesia and other extras have to be paid by the patient. A general anesthesia is really only required for complicated cases. General anesthesia decelerates the healing process and you should be aware of the probability not to wake up anymore.


Praxisklinik Dr. Med. Sven Dannemann // Prinzregentenstraße 11A, 80538 München

MKG-Tal13 // Tal 13, 80331 München Christoph Hardt // Brienner Str. 5, 80333 München


The intervention was more important than I had imagined. Compared to the aftereffects, the operation was like walking in the park. The first two days I cooled both cheeks thoroughly and had almost no swellings. Only the left cheek was a little swollen. I had seen much bigger swellings in the clinic.

Drugged up to the eyeballs with Ibuprofen and Novalgin drops, I had almost no pains. However,  I never slept through without pains the first week. Without cooling, I could not fall asleep. Due to the strait in my jawbone, it was also difficult to thoroughly clean the wound in the lower jaw and I was afraid of an inflammation, which, fortunately, did not happen…

What to eat after a wisdom tooth operation

Eating was really a challenge for me, since I am a passionate gourmet, as you know. No milk products, no fruit, except bananas, only boiled tomatoes and so on. Because of the operation, you can’t open your jaws widely and, thus, I had to nourish only on smoothies.

After some days, I tried to eat normally, but had to use time and again the pureeing tool. I ate everything cold and mainly dishes I could swallow without chewing and which did not get bogged in the wounds. Just at that time, my mixer broke, and I was glad, when the new Vitamix Mixer finally arrived.

Those were the dishes I ate:

  • Breakfast
    • Avocado – Banana – Oatflakes Smoothie
    • Scrambled eggs (optionally with minced salmon ) – Mind the pepper
    • Soy-yogurt with oatflakes
  • Lunch and Dinner
    • Small soft noodles with wild garlic pesto
    • Small pureed noodles with minced meat
    • Mashed potatoes with Avocado
    • Well pureed cold Pepperonata from the day before
    • Babyfood (so unsalted – how can babies eat that?)
    • Ravioli


The first four days were really horrible, as I was not in the mood to do anything. Unfortunately, I was too weak to leave my home for a walk, as I felt that throbbing at every step. Hence, I better stayed at home. I watched almost all series of Night out with the Chefs of Munchies You Tube Channel. Yes, I tortured myself a bit and watched video clips about food and good dishes.


I am so glad that I had all four teethes extracted at the same time. Despite the slow healing process, which may vary from person to person, I recommend having all four teethes extracted at the same time, and, I can warmly commend the Dr. Dannemann clinic to you.

I wish you a wonderful day!


  • Hello

    also ich war 3 Tage nach meinem 22 Geb. beim Zahnarzt und der meinte auch, die Zähne müssen raus, weil noch nicht alle komplett draußen waren. Hatte aber nie Schmerzen. Die Zähne hat es leicht verschoben, aber sogar zu meinem Besseren: Meine Eckzähne waren nämlich etwas schief und jetzt sind sie gerader! :D Trotzdem ist es recht eng, möchte aber, wenn es geht, keine Weißheitszahnop machen. Toll, dass du da deine Erfahrungen teilst! Ich kenne nämlich niemanden, der das bis jetzt gemacht hat! Und jetzt habe ich da auch einen besseren Einblick =)
    LG Katharina

  • Zwar überhaupt kein schönes Thema, aber dazu muss ich einfach kommentieren ;) ich hab mir auch als Erwachsene alle 4 Zähne auf einmal ziehen lassen – ich persönlich hätte es ohne Vollnarkose psychisch nicht durchgestanden.

    Das ist wirklich ein heftiger Eingriff und obwohl bei mir auch alles so komplikationsfrei wie möglich verlaufen ist, war ich über eine Woche ausgeknockt.
    Dafür hatte ich kaum Schwellungen und Verfärbungen. Ich habe mich vorher informiert und alles versucht, was man machen kann: 3 Wochen vorher auf Kaffee verzichtet (wegen der blutverdünnenden Wirkung), keine Milchprodukte mehr und vor allem: Arnika Globuli schon ein paar Tage vor und Hypericum nach dem Eingriff. Bin bis heute der Meinung, das hat mich vor dem schlimmsten bewahrt :)
    Bei dir kommt der Tip ja nun leider zu spät, aber vielleicht hilft es ja noch einer anderen Leserin :)

    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin toi toi toi mit deinen Zähnen. Ich kenne diese langwierige Reise ;)

  • Liebe Vicky,
    ein guter Bericht!:) Ich hab so ziemlich deckende Erinnerung an die Entfernung vor 5 Jahren, erst Druck bei der OP, dann 5 Tage ähnliches Essen (ich hab Dir damals über Insta auch Essenstipps geschrieben;), Angst vor Entzündung…
    Alles Liebe, Corinna

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