Back in time | how my grandmother wore her dirndl

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Back in the past. Maybe you already know that I originally come from the Northern part of Italy, South Tyrol, which used to be part of Austria. Therefore, we still have a lot of traditional roots, be it Austrian / Bavarian.

Together with Amazon Fashion EU we teamed up a little story around the traditional dress dirndl. While these days everybody from young to old wears the Tracht, I would’ve never put one on when I was a teenager. It became fashionable again some years later. Dirndl definitely changed through the time. But my mum and my grandmother wore it all the time – for school, on a Sunday trip up in the mountains and many more times. The good thing about the dirndl was that you were immediately dressed. Women looked so good in their traditional dresses! Luckily, I’ve found an old picture of my grandmother wearing a traditional dirndl.

Amazon Fashion EU, Amazon, Dirndl, OktoberfestAmazon Fashion EU, Amazon, Dirndl, Oktoberfest      Amazon Fashion EU, Amazon, Dirndl, Oktoberfest

My first dirndl was one of the old ones from my mum. My mum designed and sewed my second one. When she was younger she made most of her clothes herself, so did my grandmother. In fact, the blouse on the picture is one of my mum’s old blouses. Dirndls changed a lot through the time. Back in time women didn’t accessorize as much as people do these days on the Oktoberfest. You can see on my grandmother’s picture that they were super simple with nice textures. My dirndl from Spieth & Wensky is a mix in between. I definitely love the more traditional and simple ones a lot better!

I tried to keep the styling quite simple with delicate jewelry. On the other hand, the flower crown is huge and I’ve never actually worn one. An ode to my grandmother’s love for flowers. She’s got them everywhere in, around (luckily not on top of) the house. I remember the times when I played in her garden, which was definitely a paradise for me and my cousins when we were little.

I love how the pictures turned. So different compared to my usual blogpictures!

Amazon Fashion EU, Amazon, Dirndl, Oktoberfest Amazon Fashion EU, Amazon, Dirndl, Oktoberfest

dirndl – Spieth & Wensky Ludwig und Therese (get it here)

photos – Briony Ridley /
*in friendly collaboration with Amazon Fashion EU

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