May recap – house building, summer plans & more!

I’m back home shortly. After two weeks in Greece 🇬🇷 doing laundry, finishing unfinished work was on the agenda. But now I need to pack my luggage again. With all the traveling I completely forgot to share my May recap with you. One of the reasons was that a) the internet in Greece wasn’t the best and b) I’ve had a little creative down. On the other hand, Amandine and I have updated you regularly with travel inspiration.

May has definitely been the most travel intensive month. Probably also the time where I spent most of the time in different hotels. In fact, I was 9 out of 31 days at home. Here’s a little recap:

Vietnam – Frankfurt – Freiburg – Frankfurt – Strasbourg – Cognac – Munich – Bozen – Vienna – Bozen – Pforzheim – Rhodes – Santorini!

I’ve told you quite a crazy schedule but definitely fun!

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Life on my phone CW 18 – 22

1 on King Kong’s path
2 beautiful butterflies – one of my favorite picture
3 backpacking in Thailand
4 morning glory in Cognac with Grey Goose
5 bathtub goals at Le Logis Grey Goose
6 Colorful Hoi An, Vietnam
7 Flowers on the go in Vietnam
8 Rooftopping in Vienna
9 Dinner at Le Logis Grey Goose
10 Schoolbus in Vietnam
11 Flamingos in France
12 evening glow in Vienna

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

Monthly favorites THOUGHT
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To be honest, I didn’t have much time to reflect. There are many things going around in my head. Among these is our current house project. Those of you who have followed my Instastories may have seen pictures of our house renovations once in a while. In fact, my mom has moved to her parents house over a year ago. Lots had to be done there! Painting walls, laying floors and tiles, mounting cabinets and much more. We’ve done most of the things by ourselves – this is what I call #girlpower! Lately, we’ve finished our renovations of our guest bathroom. We’ve still got so many ideas. Likewise in the garden there is a lot of work too. The next big project will be the renovation of our attic. My brother is going to come home for the summer too and space in the apartment will get smaller. Therefore, I have to measure the attic later and do some plans. Back to my #architecturelife! If someone searches me – I’m on Pinterest the next days. Do you want to see more pictures from our renovations?

Monthly favorites BOUGHT
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Right on time for the summer I went to the Seafolly Sample Sale in Munich. Luckily I had only 100€ cash with me otherwise I would’ve bought so much more. 1,5 hours later my friend and I had tried so many bikinis. I chose 3 bikinis, 1 bathing suit, 1 black top and 1 sun screen. I’m so happy with my haul and I’ve already worn everything on my workation.

photos via the shops mentioned above

Monthly favorites PLANNED – TRAVELS
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The first half of the year is nearly over and all my crazy travel plans come to their end. I’ve got the feeling that the summer is going to be great. I didn’t plan much for it because I want to enjoy it to the fullest here in South Tyrol. This week I’ll fly to Tuscany for a photo job and next week I’m back in Munich for short next week. The rest of the month I’ll “only” be in South Tyrol – I think there are worse places ;-)

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I wish you a wonderful day!