August recap – solo traveling for a bit?

So far, I can only repeat myself saying that this summer has been one of my best. Taking time off consciously, being my own boss, traveling as much as I can but also enjoying enough time back home. Right now, I feel like I’m ready for a new adventure, which in my case will probably be a move to a new city. For now, it isn’t sure yet and I will let you know as soon as possible.

What happened this month? I tried to stay mostly at home in August and enjoy the summer in South Tyrol. This included for example a beautiful hike to Kratzbergersee in the surroundings of Meran, time at the beautiful lakes, BBQ at home but also working on some architectural projects. Moreover, I was in Berlin with Sensodyne. But the best was yet to come. I flew to Mauritius for a huge project with my mum. More impressions of it will follow soon!

in a nutshell: South Tyrol – Munich – Berlin – South Tyrol – Mauritius – Fano

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Life on my phone CW 22-26

1 Croatia? no, Lago di Garda!
2 beautiful Torri del Benaco at Lake Garda
3 One of the last summer looks on Mauritius
4 Stunning evening atmosphere at Lago di Garda
5 Another summer look
6 swimming in a mountain lake… brrr!
7 Lago di Garda … once again!
8 I’ve finally got my braces removed! – more here!
9 a stroll through Verona – more here!
10 delicious ‘Small Chaos’ Bowl at Sticks’n’Sushi – more here!
11 beach walks!
12 Mauritius 2017

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

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… about solo traveling vs traveling with friends. I traveled a lot on my own in the past months but I’m so terrible at being alone. I’ve realized that solo traveling isn’t for me at all. I just got home from five beautiful days at my friend’s country house in the Marche (region adjacent to Tuscany). We’d already been there six years ago with a bigger group of friends. Going on vacation with friends is a complete other thing than my work trips. Therefore, I tried to put away the phone as much as I could. Being surrounded by people you love is just the best! Luckily, I’ve got one more trip with my girlfriends planned in September and I can’t wait!

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I definitely exaggerated this month. I felt the urgent need to get some new clothes and did some online shopping. I’ve already shown you some of the items in my latest looks. But I also got rid of many pieces.

Here’s a little wishlist for fall. I’m sorry for all the dark colors already but the bad weather today inspired me!

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pictures via Tracdelight

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I’ve read so much! Since I’ve discovered a great book app I read non-stop this month – 7 books is definitely my record in a while! The trip in Mauritius was perfect to read but also the days in Italy. Here are a couple of books I’ve read. Did I mention that I love chick-lit?

pictures via Amazon

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I absolutely took advantage of my Netflix subscription. I’ve started to watch Jane the Virgin. To be honest, the trailer looked quite boring. However, as soon as I’ve started with episode one I was caught. In the first night, I watched 10 episodes. It’s been quite a while since I watched series until 5pm. I’ve finished all three seasons now and hopefully the fourth will come out soon!

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September will be all about renovating our attic back home. I can’t wait the work to start and would love to see the result right away. I’ll be in Stuttgart next week for a work trip. As I said, I’ve got another girls trip planned at the end of September.

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I wish you a wonderful day!


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