Philiaz – Drink like a fish. Eat like a king
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Drink like a fish. Eat like a king.

Cheeky sayings on the menu, casual drinks at the bar – this is how the new Eatery & Bar presents itself in Caldaro. The former “Weinstadl” was transformed into the metropolitan restaurant Philiaz, which opened its doors in August 2018. The fresh wind does the South Tyrolean gastronomy incredibly well. “Finally not feeling like in South Tyrol when eating out,” said a friend.

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In South Tyrol, you’ll get the perfect mix of Mediterranean and South Tyrolean cuisine. New concepts from all over the world gradually make it to South Tyrol. Such as a kind of “pop-up cooking”. This is exactly what the Philiaz does. Every three months they host a new guest chef. Willibald Reinbacher from WAPALAPAM made the prelude on Mauritius. I have yet come to the pleasures of his dishes. The lamb curry appetizer reminded me of our trip to Mauritius.

  • From 09.01. until 10.03. There is Indian Street Food by Anirudh Arora from Hankies London.
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant Empfehlung
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant Empfehlung
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant Empfehlung


Sharing is caring is up high here. On the menu you will find a selection of small appetizers that are perfect to share. Therefore, I recommend you to go with several people, so you can try several dishes. I’ve already been there twice now and I recommend you the following dishes.

  • I highly recommend the Tataki, Crunchy Tuna, Lamb Curry and the Tiger Prawns as starter. As main dish I loved the Tagliata and the Porco Preto dish is also really good. The first time I also had the Touch of Asia soup, which is perfect for the extremely hungry ones among you.
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant EmpfehlungLukewarm rolls with goldenseal butter as an appetizer

Tiger Prawn
Crispy baked king prawn meets crispy fennel, grapefruit and light chili cream. Fresh and sensational!

Fine filet, seared on the outside & juicy on the inside.
Like Carpaccio, only much better!

Crunchy Tuna
So must be tuna: crispy, juicy, fruity, spicy and slightly spicy

Lamb Curry
Spicy Lamb Curry in Mauritius Style. If you like Curry, you will love it. Created by Willi Reinbacher

8.5€ per sharing dish


“Secreto” is a cut from Porco Preto. No curse word, but a delicious acorn-fed black pig from Portugal. Cooked for 36 hours, incredibly tender. Good to know: The Porco Preto is also called “the olive on 4 paws”. Funny, isn’t it?

from carefully selected beef in Chimichurri style


catch of the day
For fish lovers we have daily fresh fish in the kitchen. Which one? Just ask!


Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant EmpfehlungOctopussy starter
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant Empfehlungbeef tataki
Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant EmpfehlungPorco Preto Philiaz Kaltern Südtirol Restaurant EmpfehlungMadagaskar Fever – chocolate molleaux with vanilla ice cream and port wine pear


Personally, I enjoyed both evenings at the Philiaz very much. There are exciting variations in the dishes. While the wine selection was very good, the aperitifs did not kick me off at all. Also, for some the music may have been a little too loud during the meal. This did not bother me. All in all, I will definitely come back.

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