“Skin recovery” was sorely needed! The other day I told you about my not working day care. I then got the hint from one of my friends (my trusted beauty expert) that I was using quite a potpourri of ingredients. In addition, many products contained perfumes again, which I tolerate very poorly anyway. This should change with the care of Paula’s Choice. The products I have you some time ago already shown on Instagram.

In today’s article, I’ll not only tell you about my new skincare routine, but also about how fruit acid peels work, as well as the difference between a synthetic and mineral UV filter. A little more beauty knowledge never hurts! | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series

Truth in Beauty – PAULA’S CHOICE

Paula’s Choice was founded in 1994 by Paula Begoun. She was particularly suffering from acne and eczema, but her skin care products were only exacerbating her concern. As a result, she began to question the ingredients in her skincare products. She began to take a hard look at the ingredients.

  • With horror, she found out that she was regularly applying dangerous ingredients, such as acetone (!!) , for example.

Paula Begoun learned which ingredients have which effects. She worked in the cosmetics department of a department store. There she caused a stir by refusing to sell in her eyes ineffective anti-aging products. Her honesty went to the press. She went on to appear in over 20 best-selling books, make public appearances and more. After ten years, she launched her own beauty line, Paula’s Choice. | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series

For the right choice of care lines, there is online the “Routine Finder” or you can get personal advice on this by phone. I took advantage of the latter. After a very informative conversation, the Skin Recovery – line from Paula’s Choice were recommended according to my skin type.

My new skin care routine

I basically never use cleansing products in the morning and did not deviate from this routine even with the new products. Thus, my day currently starts only with the and subsequently the Skin Recovery Day Cream SPF 30 (34€ / 60ml).

In the evening I cleanse my face with the Skin Recovery Facial Cleanser – (23€ / 237ml), followed by the Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Peeling (33€ / 100ml). For sufficient moisture in the evening, the night care Skin Recovery Moisturizing Cream (31€ / 60ml).

images via Paula’s Choice. | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series

Day Care with SPF 30 UVA & UVB

Personally, it was very important to me to finally use a day care with sun protection factor (preferably not only UV-A, but also UV-B). My skin is super prone to redness and sun exposure anyway. I’ve been very happy with the SPF 30 day care from Paula’s Choice.

Did you know that sun protection factors are differentiated between a mineral or synthetic UV filter?

The Skin Recovery Day Care contains natural mineral solar filters Titanium Dioxide. These act like small mirrors that reflect UV radiation, making the filter effective immediately. This is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.

Synthetic UV filters, such as Homosalate or Avobenzone, absorb the UV radiation in the skin. They work best when left on for at least 20 minutes.

Paula’s Choice product lines contain both mineral and synthetic UV filters. For more information, click here.

Who of you uses a day care product with SPF? | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series

Skin Perfecting 8% AHA Gel Peel

I kept coming across fruit acid peels on Instagram and honestly had no idea how they worked. There are two types of fruit acid peels:

  • alpha hydroxy acid (AHA for short).
  • beta-hydroxy acid (BHA for short)
  • .

AHA peels and BHA peels cleanse the sebaceous pores from the inside. They also remove dead skin cells and renew the skin surface. All of this results in a more refined facial appearance.

The consistency of the Skin Perfecting AHA Gel Peel is a very light gel. When applied, it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave a sticky feeling. The gel scrub is left to work on the skin and is not washed off afterwards. I had also heard that fruit acid peels can react differently on the skin. I had no initial problems with the application. However, the gel should not be applied to the eye area. Out of reflex, like applying a serum, I applied it to the eye area anyway. Result: yes it burns, but also goes away again. As is well known, one learns from mistakes. In the initial phase I applied the AHA gel only 1x evening, meanwhile I apply it 2x daily on. | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series

Overall, I am super satisfied with the Skin Recovery line from Paula’s Choice and tolerate the products very well. In the current care I currently only miss a serum that still provides ultimate moisture.

The products are free of skin-irritating fragrances and therefore have a slight inherent odor, which fortunately dissipates after a few minutes. Previously, I had used very strongly perfumed products, so I had to get used to. Otherwise, I currently have nothing to complain about and will soon order the matching serum to go with it. | Paula's Choice Skincare Skin Recovery Skin Perfecting Series
Have a great day!