Longing for sun! … but put on some (mineral) sun protection

Longing for sun. From the 300 sunny days in South Tyrol Berlin can take a leaf out of its book. Last week I was still sunbathing in the beautiful mountain landscape, while this weekend the weather here in Berlin is going crazy again – sun and rain on repeat. South Tyrol on the other hand with its mostly hot and sunny valleys, as well as the strong mountain sun inspired the South Tyrolean cosmetics line Arc Suncare to make a mineral sunscreen made in South Tyrol . I was very happy to be contacted by the brand and to present products from my home region up here. Additionally, mineral suncreen makes me prick up my ears. I’ve much preferred using mineral sunscreen for a few years now, as it is immediately effective and healthier for the skin (more about that later). The last few years I tested myself eagerly through a few products, but so really happy I was not yet with…

Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1

A little reminiscence from my tanning career…. Who of you used to lie in the blazing sun all day long? Especially on vacation as a young girl I was always tanning all day. From early in the morning until evening. In between a cool down in the pool, quick fresh-up with sun screen (but sometimes even without, because otherwise you wouldn’t not get a tan) and then it went on with sizzling in the sun. A nice tan was very important back then. I still find my self laughing when seeing photos of how we always wore our bikinis slightly shifted in order you could see how tanned we were. Between us – I never really got a tan though. In the course of the years of study, however, I came to terms with my “noble pallor”. In the meantime, I am aware of the damage and try to protect at least my face always with 50 SPF.

In winter, I only use a day cream with sun protection factor (preferably the one from Paulas Choice, about which I have already written). In spring and summer, however, the light sun protection of SPF30 is no longer enough for me. Here comes again my beloved organic sunscreen to use. The sunscreen from Arc Suncare is currently daily in use.

Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1
Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1

MINERAL SUN CREAMS really that effective and harmless?

I am always amazed that the majority around me don’t know the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens have been controversial for years because their ingredients not only settle on the skin as a film, but also penetrate the skin.

One important point that immediately convinced me of mineral sunscreens was the effectiveness factor. Mineral sunscreens do not act chemically, but physically. The nanoparticles of titanium and/or zinc oxides contained in them form a protective layer and act like little mirrors that reflect the sun. Thus, they protect immediately from the sun, while chemical sunscreens require a reaction time for the first time.
Chemical filters are currently being closely scrutinized not only for environmental reasons, but also for health reasons. In the USA in particular, excessive concentrations are increasingly appearing in the bloodstream.

Why zinc? Zinc oxides are UV stable and therefore offer very long-lasting protection.

Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1


Arc Suncare uses a special market leading certified non-nano zinc oxide developed over the last 20 years by their Australian technology partners. Patented processes and extensive research have created a type of zinc oxide that provides a high level of broad spectrum protection and is transparent once rubbed in.

  • Also, Arc Suncare’s sunscreen also consists of moisturizing coconut, jojoba oil and white beeswax, protecting and hydrating the skin.
Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1
Arc Suncare mineral organic sun cream zinc sun cream 1

I am really very positively surprised by the Arc Suncare sun cream. The sun cream is absorbed very quickly and the, with other mineral sun creams present, white film disappears immediately also again (* you see below in the GIF). My friend says at this point also “Thank” to Arc Suncare, that he came back just as white as before from our México trip in March 😅. MEN. The men have always been covered by me with my great SOFORT effective sunscreen and at the same time taught better.

Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1
Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50+

photo credit via Arc Suncare

150ml / 25€


Arc Suncare mineral organic sunscreen zinc sun cream 1

I am happy if you stop by the Website of Arc Suncare and support a South Tyrolean company.

Have a great day!


  • Ich wollte die Sonnencreme von ARC kaufen, aber leider scheint es so zu sein, dass man beim Beim Kauf eines Produkts ein weiteres nicht umsonst dazubekommt! Ich habe jezt ARC kontaktiert und warte auf eine Rückmeldung.

    • Hi Astrid,
      Das war leider ein Missverständnis mit Arc Suncare.
      Du bekommst mit dem Code 25% Rabatt auf den Kauf deines Produkts!

      Viele Grüße,

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