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Life on my phone KW 1 – 4

1 finally cold enough to ice skate in Munich
2 hot chocolate, yes please!
3 beautiful winter mood in Flims
4 on the slopes wearing Toni Sailer
5 beautiful light in Berlin
6 more winter feeling in Flims
7 with Dominique from Goldschnee
8 still so in love with Laax
9 the best – Sultan eggs at The Klub Kitchen
10 morning coffee at Le Bon Berlin
11 coffee date with my dear Amandine
12 hello from the snowy landscape

Instagram – @thegoldenbun

January recap. Times flies so quickly that I had to check my calendar to see what I’ve done last month. After the winter holidays back home I returned to Munich. It started snowing and snowing. Being super cold I was finally able to ice skate on the Nymphenburger Kanal, which had not been frozen for years. Moreover, I sold a lot of stuff on the flea market. Getting rid of no longer used pieces feels always so good. The weekend after I drove to Laax for a lovely ski weekend. So much snow and great food awaited us. Berlin Fashion Week was on the agenda next. Well, let’s say Food Week for me. Fashion week stress? No way! I took it slowly this time and met up with friends and acquaintances. Spending some time in Berlin was great. I flew back to Berlin with Coca Cola again the next Friday and stayed the whole weekend again. Last but not least I was invited to a kick-off event from the beauty brand Bioré in Munich, whereof I’ll tell you more soon! And yes, travel wise it won’t be boring. Read more below.

Monthly favorites Thought
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… about working freelance and wherefrom I want to work in near future. As you know I finished my master in October and started working full time on the blog (and on my career as a wedding photographer). Actually I wanted to start working in the architecture sector again by the beginning of the year. However, life always turns out differently than you expect it. The more time I put into the blog the more offers and projects came along. Therefore, life’s good right now. But I’ll probably move my base back home to Bolzano for a couple of months (of course, I’ll head back to Munich all the time). Especially in spring it is so beautiful there. Moreover, I’ll be able to do a lot of research work about South Tyrol here, which I haven’t done for years. The main reason is also that I’ll be travelling quite a bit; thus paying a high rent in Munich is a waste of money. As a matter of fact, I’d rather spent my money on travels and new experiences. Well, I’m curious what the (digital) nomad life will bring. What’s your opinion about it?

Monthly favorites Bought
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On the flea market you do find really great pieces! You just need to look for them. When I stood on the flea market I realised that it would be time for a little project, i.e. buying second hand for six months or else. In fact, I bought a lovely blazer from the neighbouring stall, which I was wearing nonstop these past weeks. You could see it in my Coca Cola post. There wasn’t much more time for shopping in January. Oh yes, I bought some Moon Boots as soon as the snow came. Unfortunately they were a size too small and I resold them. Luckily, I found them again on sale but I guess they weren’t on stock again and I’m still waiting for them.

Monthly favorites read
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I started reading the German book Faste Schwitze Liebe (Fast, sweat, love) from Andrea Alton – really nice bed lecture. Moreover, friends of mine got me the Jerusalem cookbook, wherefrom I started picking my favourite recipes. The cookbook is so nicely made!

Monthly favorites Seen
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I guess I’ve finally seen all Matthias Schweighöfer movies. The last one I saw was Rubbeldiekatz. Whenever I was in Munich I had to work super late, which didn’t leave much time to watch any movies. Nonetheless, I still love to watch Jon Olsson’s daily vlogs and also Janni Déler and Aimee Songs videos. Jacie from Damsel in Dior films funny vids some time too.

Monthly favorites Planned – Travel
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… and lastly my travel plans! *drum rolls* It’s not a 100% official but let’s say 80%. I’ll travel to Japan really soon! In fact, I’d actually planned to travel there with Bastian but now I’ll be there sooner than thought. Sushi-heaven here I come!

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