Beauty talk | Braces for adults – one year update

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Over a year ago I’ve gotten my braces. Still, it’s been one of my best decisions to get braces for adults and I should have done it earlier. The time flew by so quickly. I encourage you not to wait any longer if you’re considering to get them. I’ve already talked about costs and pre-appointments in this entry. You’ll find another update after 8 months here! This will probably be one of the last posts with braces as I’ll hopefully get them removed next week. Can’t wait to show you the result! Jippie

Find the progress of the last months below! | Zahnspange Erwachsene

Still, I remember my first appointment so well when I got them. “O-M-G can I remove them please!” was my immediate reaction. It was even worse when I got the brackets below too after four months. While my top braces are quite transparent, the bottom braces are classic metal ones. Luckily, you don’t see them so much. Of course, I got used to them too! | Zahnspange Erwachsene | Zahnspange Erwachsene


The last months were not so pleasant. My orthodontist had warned me that it is going to be painful. He stepped up a notch and we were getting closer to the finishing line. Like always, it hurt a lot the first 3-4 days when I changed the wire. I could only eat soft food! Moreover, I had to wear orthodontic elastics again. The first ones were so tedious to put in. As a matter of fact, it took me about 15 minutes to get them in … of course, they jumped out again (you can see it below how I had to wear them). The last elastics I wore were better but more visible. I had to wear them from canine to canine. You’ll see more example pictures below! | Zahnspange Erwachsene zahnspange erwachsener entwicklung braces for adults progress

Here you’ll find the introduction post – braces for adults

My 8 months update

My 12 months update

The final result – before & after pictures

Next time I’ll have the first pictures without braces! So excited! 💃💃💃

photos: Amandine / | editing: moi

I wish you a wonderful day!


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