July Recap – bye bye braces!

I’m sorry for my absence the past days. I’ve been quite busy with other projects apart from the blog. Moreover, the weather is so beautiful right now, thus, it’s hard for me to stay inside. This week, I tried to get into my usual working rhythm again: getting up early, work, lunch, work and then sport! Can’t believe I started working out again (okay let’s not say that I’m back on the track after one tiny work-out). Sitting in front of the computer all day makes me all flabby. Therefore, I’ve hit the mat again and started with the Bikini Body Guide. Wow – the first training was quite tough! But no pain, no gain!

Let’s recap July. The month started with a couple of relaxing days in Croatia with my mum. Two days later, I was hitting the road again and drove to Laax for a weekend in the mountains (see my Instagram snapshots here. Moreover, the post is planned for this week – stay tuned)! Then I was one week at home and ran errands, work and so on. Irina and Conny came to get me on Monday, and we drove down to Lake Garda for four days. So beautiful. Also, I’ve still got a lot of beautiful impressions to show you! On Friday, we drove back to Munich, where I held photography workshops at the o2 Shop and stayed there until Tuesday. On Friday, I’ve got my braces removed – YAAY! This update will also be up soon! So excited to show you the result!

June in a nutshell: Croatia – South Tyrol – Laax – South Tyrol – Lake Garda – Verona – Munich – South Tyrol

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Life on my phone CW 26-30

1 beautiful Apella beach on Karpathos
2 beautiful view onto Verona
3 catching the beautiful sunset in Tuscany
4 Venetian houses
5 summer nights
6 beautiful Caumasee
7 hiking in Switzerland
8 up on 2,697m in Switzerland
9 the famous Martinsloch in Graubünden
10 diving in Crestasee
11 evening in the mountains
12 cute harbor in Torri del Benaco

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The days in the mountains in Switzerland were so beautiful. While everybody else was so smitten to be in the mountains, it was quite normal for me. I mean, I live in the mountains and I have them literally in front of my door. Nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed the days a lot. I wish we didn’t have any internet connection for a couple of days! They’ve reminded me that I should definitely go hiking a lot more. I mean, living in South Tyrol I’ve got the mountains right in front of my door. I’m privileged to call this beautiful region in Northern Italy my home. I live where people come on holiday! On the other hand, you never use what you’ve got in front of you…

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It’s all about taking time! I haven’t read at all in the past few months. Our vacation in Croatia was the first time that I really took the time off and relaxed. I’d discovered that I can also read books on my iPhone 7Plus. I’ve downloaded a couple of books. I was back in my holiday mode, where I always read one book a day. I highly recommend Sophie Kinsella’s new book My Not So Perfect Life. I adore her books, which is also why she is my all-time favorite author.

  • I was thinking of getting a Kindle! They’re incredibly handy! What do you think? Do you own one?

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The weather as so bad that I binge-watched two days in a row. I finished Girlboss, which was a very funny series. Moreover, I’ve just finished You Me Her. You’ll find both series on Netflix.

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I’ve been quite good at staying away from shopping. But since the weather was so bad last week, I started to browse through the online shops again. Well, Asos will always remain my favorite shop and there are so many cool pieces on sale and new ones coming in right now. Here are a couple of my favorite pieces. I’ve already shopped the first top!

pictures via Tracdelight

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I’ll probably be in Berlin again next week. My mom and I will fly to Mauritius for an exciting project for a week. Right after, I will join my friends in the Marche (region next to Tuscany) for some #italiandays. Well, and then September is already there. Gosh, this year goes by way too fast for me!

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I wish you a wonderful day!


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